We don’t think church should be normal,
nor do we think it should be boring!

When you come to THE BLOCK, you’ll be greeted with a helpful hand and joyful excitement. Know that our experiences will be creative, contemporary, and excellent. We will pursue God, connect with each other, hear a relevant message, and celebrate His activity in our lives. Philadelphia is not a boring city, so we desire to express our love for God in a passionate and unique way! THE BLOCK experiences will be a place in which you can dress comfortably, participate in good conversation, experience God, and enjoy good coffee.


More than likely, the first thing we will do is sing with one another about and to God. The Bible says in James to draw near to God and He will draw near to you. We take that seriously and begin and close our gatherings by drawing near to God. We do this in a creative way with a live band and song leaders, a dimly lit atmosphere, and words on screens so you can follow along. And don’t worry; you won’t be made to sing in front of anyone at all!


Every so often, we dedicate a portion of our services to baptizing new or recently committed believers. We make this a time of celebration and an opportunity for those who are ready to take their next step with Jesus. The Bible teaches us that after we confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that Jesus is the Son of God and Lord, we experience salvation. Our next step is baptism and it signifies the outward expression of an inward transformation. The Bible explains baptism as our “old” man going in the grave with our sin and a “new” man being raised to life with Christ from the grave.


At times in our services, you might experience child dedications. At our church, we don’t baptize babies because we want them to make that decision on their own after they can describe God’s plan of salvation. Therefore, we bring families forward and dedicate children to God as a church family. It’s a time where we commit to partnering with the parents in raising Godly children.


Each week, we take a moment and receive our tithes and offerings. Many of us practice generosity on a consistent basis to not only advance the mission of our church and the Kingdom, but to be obedient to God also. As a guest, we don’t expect you to give, nor will there be a pressure to do so. We do believe that it is better to give than to receive and we can never out give God.


Each week, you will hear teaching and preaching from God’s word. We believe that as you listen and apply God’s word, your life will change forever. You will most likely hear from our Pastor and he will take scripture and teach it in a practical way that you can apply immediately.


Nearly every week we take The Lords Supper together as a community. During this sacred moment, we remember centuries of Christian brothers and sisters who gave their life for the Gospel, we remember the mission of the church of old, and we remember ALL that Christ has done for us in dying on the cross. Anyone who calls themselves a believer is welcome to join, you do not have to be a member of The Block Church.


Without question, one of the most important things we do as we gather is encouraging one another with relationships. Every week, you will have an opportunity to connect with mentors, friends, and mentees. We pray together, we struggle together, and we overcome together.