We are a Spirit-led, Gospel-centered community,
seeking a move of God.

The Block is a place where social, economic, religious, and political walls are torn down. Together, as we insert the power of Christ, we make up one block, one people, one body, and one city.


Our 5 core values.


Because God gave us His all, we are compelled to give Him our best with every expression of our lives.


It is our highest honor to steward whatever God entrusts us with, therefore we give beyond our comfort, we sow where we might not reap, and we live open handed.


We maximize our environments through thriftiness and giftedness, while using our limitations as opportunities to give God all the glory.


If friendships are the heartbeat of humanity, then deep-rooted relationships will mend our lives and strengthen the community.


We are a reflection of heaven on earth as we unite to tear down social, racial, economic, religious, and political walls that divide us.

Online Giving

Here at The Block, we say you’re not giving to our church as much you are giving through our church. This is because you are giving to God as you trust your local church. When we are obedient to this powerful principle found in scripture, lives are transformed by the resources we are able to provide. You are helping our church thrive, you are planting churches all over the world, you are financing missionaries around the globe, and assisting those in need right here in our city. What a joy it is to get to be a giver.

Center City

Clef Club of Jazz
738 S Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146
6:00 PM

Port Richmond

Richmond Hall
2619 E Indiana Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19134
10:00 AM | 11:30 AM


Cohocksink Rec Center
2901 Cedar St.
Philadelphia, PA 19134
7:30 PM


Richmond Hall
2619 E. Indiana Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19134
7:00 PM
1st Wednesdays

Sing Jesus

Available Now!

Our first single released on iTunes, Amazon, and all music platforms on Friday, April 14th.